About me

I’ve been developing commercial software since 1996. Last 8 years I’m mainly working on applications and games for iOS, as well as for watchOS and tvOS.
Most of them were developed for different customers, but several are published under my own developer account: my applications and games. Below you can find descriptions and direct links.

You can reach me via email: support@v-and.com

WideProtect Spam Call Blocker

Allows you to block spammers using phone number prefixes. Now the app supports blocking up to 70,000,000 phone numbers! more...

Learn Languages with Cards

Interval repetition method implementation, but with intensive using modern iOS features like text recognition, speech recognition and voice synthesizer. more...

Push boxes!

Puzzle game for Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPhone and iPad
The goal of the game - place all boxes to positions in the warehouse.
Simple rules, 3D levels, nice music. more...